28-day Kindness Kickstarter Meal Plan

Welcome to the Kindness Kickstarter free 28-day meal plan. After signing up, you will immediately receive the completed meal plan and begin your email journey, intended to support, educate and inspire you throughout the month. The meal plan includes a fridge, freezer & pantry guide, cooking tips, and hyperlinks in the Contents page to direct you to each recipe.

The meal plan includes over eighty-four recipes, to provide you with breakfast, lunch dinner, plus a snack each day. You are invited to follow the comprehensive meal guide we have provided in the plan, or are welcomed to pick and choose each meal at your own discretion. Whatever works best for you!

With affordability and sustainability at the forefront of our minds, the meal plan utilises mostly wholefoods and cost-friendly ingredients. Each meal is a nutritious and hearty recipe inspired by a different cuisine from around the world, with week one featuring delicious Italian-inspired meals, week two featuring mouthwatering Latin American-inspired meals, week three showcasing incredible Greek inspired meals, and finally week four being inspired by the beautiful flavours of Asia.

If you are interested in a vegan lifestyle, or are looking to introduce plastic-free or zero waste habits into your daily life, we highly recommend you kickstart your journey towards living a kinder life for humans, non-human animals, and the planet alike.

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