With the holiday season well under way, we are all becoming increasingly busy locking in events and meeting deadlines well into the New Year. The holiday season is a time of compassion, unity, and togetherness, and signifies a time to surround ourselves with those we love and gift them something thoughtful as a token of our appreciation for them.

Although the holiday season is all these wonderful things, it often coincides with stress, unnecessary waste and last-minute gifts that may not be as eco-friendly or thoughtful as you originally intended them to be. To help you navigate your way around gift-giving these holidays, Kindness Project have come up with a list of our favourite vegan, sustainable and zero-waste gifts to surprise your loved ones with this joyous season.

Check out our list of 8 incredible gifts for your loved ones to enjoy below!

  1. Vegan Cookbooks

With the number of vegan cookbooks available to us these days, we are completely spoilt for choice. This is a great gift for somebody who wants to start experimenting with vegan cooking at home, or even a non-vegan loved one who is looking to expand their knowledge on the wonderful world of vegan food.

Vegan cookbooks can be found at just about any bookstore with a food section, or if you prefer to do the research yourself, browse online to explore the abundance of cookbooks out there. Digital cookbooks can also be purchased online for those who would like to avoid obtaining a paper copy.

Some of our favourites include:

2. Vegan Hamper

This would have to be our favourite go-to gift for any occasion – who doesn’t love a gift basket?! Hampers are an opportunity for you to get creative and personalise the items you decide to put inside for your loved one.

If you prefer the DIY style, we suggest going to your local op-shop to find a basket second hand or have a look inside your home to see if there is one you can spare. From here, visit your local bulk food store for plastic-free, sustainable vegan goodies to add to your basket! Whether your vegan family member, partner or friend is a chocolate-lover, health enthusiast or needs a bundle of vegan kitchen staples, this is a gift that can be tailored to fit just about anybody.

If you’re more interested in a pre-made hamper gift this Christmas, we have linked a few plastic-free options below:

  1. Green Giving Co.
  2. Flora and Fauna
  3. Random Harvest Gourmet

3. Vegan Cooking Class Experience

Experience-based presents are a way for you and your loved one to bond and create new memories together. A vegan cooking class is perfect for someone who needs to find their feet in the kitchen and is an opportunity for them to open their mind to the endless creative possibilities in vegan cooking. There are various classes available that specialise in a range of different cuisines and also some that specialise in zero waste cooking methods. 

Alternatively, if there are no vegan cooking classes being hosted in your city or your loved one would prefer to take lessons in the comfort of their own kitchen, you can instead buy online courses to be taken at any time.

4. Donate To Your Favourite Animal Rights Charity

This is a heart-warming gift to do some greater good for a charity or cause your loved one cares about. By donating to a charity or sanctuary in their name, it is a wonderful opportunity to show the giftee your commitment to a cause they care about and both contribute to helping animals in some way. To make this experience more personal, you could even help sponsor an animal under their name too!

If you are having trouble thinking of where to donate, have a look at this extensive list of animal sanctuaries created by Vegan Australia.

5. Native Australian Spice Set

Every vegan cook knows the secret to an incredible home cooked meal is all credited to those spices. This is an ideal present for both beginner cooks and those experienced in the kitchen, seeing that you can get as experimental with the spices as you like. Spices can be found plastic-free at your local bulk food store and can be a great addition to any vegan gift basket.

This can also be a great opportunity to learn about the native spices in our country and gift an Indigenous bush tucker spice set to your loved one. Our favourite places to get these spices are from Mabu Mabu, who offer small-batch pantry items, spices and teas, and Melbourne Bushfood, who offer sustainable, natural, and plastic-free spices and herbs.

6. Plants

Plants are great for the environment, easy to take care of and can brighten up any room. Through their ability to create a sense of liveliness, plants boost dopamine levels and connect individuals to a natural and peaceful environment. Small citrus trees are a practical gift for somebody who could use an endless supply of lemon or limes, and general house plants help to purify air and can improve the overall aesthetic of any living space.

7. Take A Trip To An Animal Sanctuary

If anything is going to impress an animal lover then this would have to be our best bet. Sanctuaries bring us an overwhelming sense of joy, as seeing animals living out their life in peace and harmony gives us hope in a future where compassion towards animals is commonplace. 

Giving our time to donate, visit or volunteer at an animal sanctuary is a gift for all individuals involved as it is an opportunity to support an important cause together. The connection felt when petting a rescued animal is an intimate experience that any animal lover will appreciate. To give you both a dose of inspiration surrounding the beauty of animals living freely, visit a sanctuary to experience quality time with both your loved one and animals alike.

8. Eco-friendly Reusables

Finally, buying your loved one some eco-friendly reusables is a perfect present for somebody who cares about the environment and is passionate about taking the necessary steps to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet. 

These simple gifts can be utilised in your giftee’s daily routine, and are very practical and useful in the long term. Examples include a keep cup, lunch box or stainless steel water bottle, and many of these items can be purchased at merchandise stores for animal rights organisations and charities.

Some animal rights charities that sell these products can be found below:

  1. Dominion Movement
  2. Edgar’s Mission
  3. Animal Liberation

We hope this list has been a helpful guide for your eco-conscious gifting this holiday season. Now is the time to start implementing actions in our daily lives that enhance compassion and kindness towards animals, the planet, and each other, and what better time is there to do so than during the holiday period.

Caitie Wilson

Caitie Wilson (she/her) is the Communications Manager at Kindness Project and also works as the Administrative, Social Media & Fundraising Manager at Farm Transparency Project. She became vegan after her studies at university with lecturer Peter Singer, and writes on collective liberation with the intention of creating compassion towards each other, towards animals and to our planet. Caitie is passionate about zero waste practices, and likes to experiment with vegan cooking in her spare time. She is currently making efforts towards living in an off-grid tiny home with her partner and rescue pup to direct her interest of sustainable living into her personal life.

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