About Kindness Project

Why does Kindness Project exist?

Kindness Project is an animal rights organisation that has been born out of the belief that in order to dismantle the animal industrial complex (AIC) it is imperative that our advocacy is inclusive of all those who are harmed by it.

The most obvious harm caused by the AIC is caused to animals raised for food and fibre, however the devastation is far reaching and humans, our precious environment and wild non-human animals suffer immensely due to this system.

Kindness Project exists not only to assist in the dismantlement of the AIC but to help forge of a kinder, more compassionate future in which the wellbeing of human, non human animals, and the environment is prioritised over the pursuit of profit.

Our Mission

Assisting to dismantle the Animal Industrial Complex through fighting for kinder consumer-based systems, particularly those of food, fibre and entertainment.

Our Vision

A world in which non-human animals, human animals and the planet are respected for their inherent worth, and not exploited for the benefit of the industrialised world.

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Our Team

Our board is a passionate team of people with a diverse range of skills and experience, working together in the hopes of making the world a kinder place for all.

Alix Livingstone
Campaign Director | She/her
Alix Livingstone is the Campaign Director of Kindness Project. Working in animal rights for the last four years, she has spent this time investigating, researching, writing, speaking, and educating on the different ways in which animals are exploited, particularly in our food system. Alix has a particular passion for advocating in the space where wildlife and farmed animals intersect and her work focuses closely on this area.

Alix holds a Bachelor in Education and worked with children for a number of years whilst volunteering for animal protection groups, before having the privilege of working in animal rights full-time.

Alix believes that the only way to dismantle the animal industrial complex is through advocating for all who are harmed by it; humans, non-human animals, and the planet alike.

Alix trusts that through building community, empowering its members, and forging systemic solutions, a better world for all can be discovered.
Abdourahamane Ly
Director | he/him
Abdourahamane Ly is from Guinea in West Africa and is a member of the Fulani people, one of the largest ethnic groups in West Africa. Ly is a polyglot and his native languages are fula and french.

Ly spent the last 13 years in China after completing a BA in Economics and International Trade at the Shanghai Finance University and is now based in Rwanda. Ly became involved in vegan activism and climate justice activism after witnessing China at the peak of its pollution crisis, recognising the impact it had on people and wildlife, and the tensions it caused between economic development, poverty alleviation, and our impact on the climate.

Ly's work now focuses on veganism, and conservation through an intersectional lens.
Georgie Purcell
Director | she/her
Georgie has been involved in the animal protection movement since 2011.

Professionally, Georgie works full time as Chief of Staff to the Animal Justice Party’s first Victorian Member of Parliament and is responsible for a small but dedicated team of animal protection campaigners.

Voluntarily, she is President of Oscar’s Law, Australia’s most prominent anti-puppy farming campaign. She has been with the organisation in various roles since 2014. The high-profile campaigns and political lobbying of Oscar’s Law has seen historic legislation to end puppy factories and ban the sale of puppies in pet shops pass in Victoria, with similar legislation proposed in other states.

Georgie is passionate about intersectionality and solidarity between social justice movements. Before taking on the Victorian Parliament, Georgie worked in the union movement. She holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Communications/Public Relations with a minor in politics. Georgie is admitted as an Australian lawyer, is a graduate of Melbourne University’s Pathways to Politics Program for Women and alumni of Centre for Australian Progress.

Georgie lives on Dja Dja Wurrung, Taungurung and Wurundjeri Country in the Macedon Ranges with a small sanctuary of rescued farm and companion animals.
Jake Conroy
Director | he/him

Jake Conroy is a long-time activist, designer, and writer currently residing in Seattle, WA USA.  He has helped organize and participated in successful local, regional, national and international pressure campaigns.

Jake also helped build the foundation of the grassroots campaign SHAC USA, and was subsequently arrested by the US government for his role.  Dubbed the SHAC7, Jake and his co-defendants were found guilty and he was sentenced to 4 years in federal prison.  

Currently, Jake works at the Rainforest Action Network, an international organization using pressure campaigns to stop rainforest deforestation, fossil fuel extraction, and support human rights.  He can be found pontificating online as the Cranky Vegan, where he irritates everyone with his thoughts on the tactics, strategies, and optics of the grassroots animal rights movement.

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