About Kindness Project

Why does Kindness Project exist?

Kindness Project is an animal rights organisation that has been born out of the belief that in order to dismantle the animal industrial complex (AIC) it is imperative that our advocacy is inclusive of all those who are harmed by it.

The most obvious harm caused by the AIC is caused to animals raised for food and fibre, however the devastation is far reaching and humans, our precious environment and wild non-human animals suffer immensely due to this system.

Kindness Project exists not only to assist in the dismantlement of the AIC but to help forge of a kinder, more compassionate future in which the wellbeing of human, non human animals, and the environment is prioritised over the pursuit of profit.

Our Mission

Assisting to dismantle the Animal Industrial Complex through fighting for kinder consumer-based systems, particularly those of food, fibre and entertainment.

Our Vision

A world in which non-human animals, human animals and the planet are respected for their inherent worth, and not exploited for the benefit of the industrialised world.

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Our Team

Our board is a passionate team of women with a diverse range of skills, working together in the hopes of making the world a kinder place for all.

Alix Livingstone
Campaign Director

Alix Livingstone is the Campaign Director of Kindness Project. Working in animal rights for the last four years, she has spent this time investigating, researching, writing, speaking and educating on the different ways in which animals are exploited, particularly in our food system.

Alix believes the only way to truly dismantle the animal industrial complex is by looking at the broader picture and understanding how it affects not only non-human animals but our planet and fellow humans too.

She trusts that through building community, empowering its members, and forging systemic solutions a better world for all can be discovered.
Jess Mateljan
Operations Director

Jess Mateljan is the Operations Director of Kindness Project. She has been involved in animal rights and social justice advocacy for over two years, volunteering with a number of different organisations attempting to create change via public education.

Jess is currently completing her Juris Doctor at university, with plans to use the knowledge and power gained to fight for social justice issues, including animal rights. She holds a consistent anti-oppression stance, for both human and non-human animals.

Jess has a Bachelor of Commerce, loves exploring nature and cares for a beautiful dog.
Dr. Mehr Gupta
Director of Research & Strategy

Dr. Mehr Gupta is Kindness Project’s Director of Research and Strategy. Mehr has volunteered a huge amount of time to animal rights as an investigator, researcher, and fact checker. She played a significant role in the film Dominion and founded the non-profit Animal Liberation Tasmania.

For the last two years Mehr has been working as a hospital doctor, volunteering her time on many research initiatives to improve the health of people around the world. She is currently studying a Masters of Health Economics and converting a bus into a tiny home.

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