Dear Ms Kim Kardashian,

We are a coalition of nine animal protection organisations who have connected to highlight the plight of Australia’s native crocodiles, factory-farmed for exotic skins.

As such a globally recognised style icon, how you dress is incredibly influential. We absolutely adored hearing you share that you’d had all of your fur coats remade into faux fur some time ago.

Similar to animals farmed for their fur, crocodiles are confined to tiny metal cages and killed at a fraction of their lifespan – 2 years old when they can live to an amazing 70 years old. The conditions on these farms are terrible. You can see what they look like here.

We have connected with fashion and celebrity photographer Alexi Lubomirski, creator of the movement Creatives4Change, to encourage you to please consider making an official pledge with this initiative to no longer wear exotic skins.

Your pledge would help inspire others around the world to treat animals with respect and encourage brands causing harm to animals to begin moving away from these exploitative industries.

With Kindness,

Kindness Project, Farm Transparency Project, World Animal Protection Australia, Creatives4Change, Collective Fashion Justice, Animal Liberation, Animal Liberation Queensland, Animal Justice Party, Animal Save Movement & Animal Justice Project.

Kindness Project

Kindness Project is an animal rights organisation that has been born out of the belief that in order to dismantle the animal industrial complex (AIC) it is imperative that our advocacy is inclusive of all those who are harmed by it.

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