The guide will assist in the Kindness Kickstarter meal plan journey, and may inspire you to create your own delectable vegan recipes along the way. Although fruits and vegetables have been omitted from this list, everything else needed for a sufficiently stocked wholefoods & healthy kitchen can be found below. Please remember to slowly build up your cupboard rather than purchasing all items at once, and work out which of these suit your preferences and dietary requirements adequately.  

Caitie Wilson

Caitie Wilson (she/her) is the Communications Manager at Kindness Project and also works as the Administrative, Social Media & Fundraising Manager at Farm Transparency Project. She became vegan after her studies at university with lecturer Peter Singer, and writes on collective liberation with the intention of creating compassion towards each other, towards animals and to our planet. Caitie is passionate about zero waste practices, and likes to experiment with vegan cooking in her spare time. She is currently making efforts towards living in an off-grid tiny home with her partner and rescue pup to direct her interest of sustainable living into her personal life.

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