Following an explosive campaign exposing the cruel treatment of Australian crocodiles on Hermès-owned factory farms, animal protection organisations have released an open letter urging Kim Kardashian to help protect reptiles from cruel treatment in the fashion industry.

The coalition of eight animal protection groups (Kindness Project, Farm Transparency Project, Collective Fashion Justice, Animal Save Movement, Animal Liberation, Animal Justice Project, Animal Justice Party & Animal Liberation Queensland) is joined by  fashion and celebrity photographer Alexi Lubomirski, creator of the initiative Creatives4Change. The letter asks Kim to commit to kindness, by making a pledge with Creatives4Change to no longer wear or buy exotic skins, helping encourage other celebrities and fashion houses to cut ties with this violent industry.

Kindness Project Campaign Director Alix Livingstone said:

“Celebrities have huge influence over the fashion world. Oscar de la Renta has just recently committed to ending their use of fur after singer Billie Eilish agreed to wear their dress to the Met Gala on the condition they cut ties with the fur trade. We would love to see similar commitments made for reptiles who suffer for fashion much like fur-bearing animals do.”

“Kim Kardashian is a world renowned style icon with the power to change the hearts and minds of many around the globe. We hope once Kim learns of the cruelty involved in the exotic skin trade, particularly Hermès treatment of Australian saltwater crocodiles, she will commit to kindness in a bid to protect them.”

“A number of online influencers and other celebrities have already shown support for this campaign, condemning the cruel treatment of crocodiles in fashion. Harry Potter actress Evanna Lynch posted an image of herself holding a sign reading ‘#dropcroc’ to her instagram account and Ellen DeGeneres shared information about the campaign to her instagram story. It’s amazing to see influential people using their platforms to create positive change in the world.”

For further information or to arrange an interview with a spokesperson, contact:

Alix Livingstone
Campaign Director
+61 409 580 519

Editor notes:

  • The open letter addressing Kim Kardashian can be found here:
  • Australia accounts for 60% in the global trade of crocodile skins, two thirds of which come from the Northern Territory.
  • The footage comes from four farms in the Northern Territory, three of which are owned in partnership with Hermes (Darwin Crocodile Farm at Bees Creek, Janamba Crocodile Farm at Middle Point, and Lagoon Crocodile Farm at Knuckey Lagoon), and the fourth claiming to supply both Hermes and Louis Vuitton (Crocodylus Park at Knuckey Lagoon). 
  • The full campaign can be viewed on the Kindness Project website.
  • A detailed transition plan for the Northern Territory’s crocodile farming industry, produced by Kindness Project, can be found here
  • Saltwater crocodiles can live up to 70 years in their natural habitat. On farms they are killed at just 3-4 years old, with up to four crocodiles being required to make just one Birkin bag.
  • Crocodiles live in isolated, barren concrete pens where they have little room to move or express any behaviours that come naturally to them.
  • Crocodiles are killed by first being electrocuted and dragged from their pens whilst their bodies convulse.Aa bolt gun is then shot into the top of their head and a knife is used to sever their spinal cord, before a metal rod is forced into their heads to scramble their brains.

About Kindness Project ​​Kindness Project is an animal rights organisation dedicated to the dismantlement of the animal industrial complex, seeking to help forge a path to a kinder, more sustainable future for animals, humans and the planet alike. To learn more about Kindness Project and how you can take action for animals, visit:

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Kindness Project is an animal rights organisation that has been born out of the belief that in order to dismantle the animal industrial complex (AIC) it is imperative that our advocacy is inclusive of all those who are harmed by it.

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