Kindness Project values the lives of human and non-human animals alike and as such we don’t wish to see anyone currently employed by the crocodile industry left behind should the industry be phased out. With that in mind, this report has been created to ensure there is scope for jobs to be replaced in the region.

The report looks at the current state of the industry, identifying the revenue and jobs that it brings to the region. Dr. Gupta has then explored several promising areas that have the potential to not only replace the jobs and revenue brought to the Northern Territory through crocodile farming, but surpass them.

Director of Research and Strategy Dr. Mehr Gupta B.Med SCI (Hons), MBBS has produced a robustly researched report looking at the viability of phasing out the Northern Territory crocodile industry.

Providing an exact blueprint for how such a transition may look is outside the scope of this report. However, assuming a transition is in alignment with societal values, in a democratic society it is reasonable to hope that government will use this report as a springboard for continuing to fund a transition out of an industry that exists to turn our native icons into luxury items for the richest 1% of the world. 

View the Northern Territory Transition Plan Here

Kindness Project

Kindness Project is an animal rights organisation that has been born out of the belief that in order to dismantle the animal industrial complex (AIC) it is imperative that our advocacy is inclusive of all those who are harmed by it.

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