Image: Rose’s Refuge Sanctuary / Dillon Watkin

Angie’s story is an incredibly sad one, but one that inspires hope in the darkest of circumstances. Angie was born aboard a truck en route to a slaughterhouse. Her mother mustered from the wild, forced into corrals and loaded aboard a big, strange, scary truck. The stress of mustering often induces labour so it is not uncommon for goat kids to be born on trucks and in slaughterhouse holding pens. In fact, Angie’s best friend Suzie was also born on the same vehicle.

Abattoirs don’t slaughter infant goats as they possess no economic value and therefore there is no real reason to. This often leaves abattoir workers unsure as to what they should do with them.

Luckily for Angie and her best friend Suzie, the driver of the transport truck wanted to give them a chance at life.

After dropping their mothers off at the slaughterhouse, the driver surrendered Angie and Suzie to the loving arms of a rescuer who transported them safely to Rose’s Refuge Sanctuary.

Angie and Suzie are the embodiment of hope, even in the darkest of places; hope that one day we might live in a world where everyone is shown compassion and respect.

Image: Rose’s Refuge Sanctuary / Dillon Watkin
Rose's Refuge

Rose's Refuge is an animal sanctuary located in Victoria, Australia. Rose's Refuge rescues and rehabilitates orphaned, sick and injured farmed animals. They provide permanent sanctuary to more than 50 rescue animals and share their stories on their social media pages. If you would like to donate to Rose's Refuge, you can do so here;

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